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Aytek House Bedroom

Design and Design Development phases of this project was done by Melis Mısırlıoğlu.

This project was executed by Ofist.

There is 1 library / study area and a bedside panel in the designed bedroom. 

For the user who wants to spend time other than just sleeping and sleeping, a library / work area consisting of silk matte lacquer in green tones lies.


Bedroom View


It is desired to gain movement with vertical, horizontal and diagonal laths on the rear panel. 

In addition, oak wooden boxes were added as separate storage areas in the library. 

Regional lighting was provided by positioning the lighting on the wall in the library.

Moroccan carpets that can match the library color and curtains in the same tones were preferred.

Library / Study Area

Integrity has been achieved by using bedside tables compatible with oak wood headboards.

Again, in line with the Moroccan carpet, a fabric covered pouffe was preferred.

Sponge and fabric-covered panels are used both to put books etc. at the head of the bed and to provide depth in the space.

The appearance is completed with the lighting used by the landlord.


Bedside View

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