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Design and Design Development phase of this project

was done by Melis Mısırlıoğlu.

This project was executed by Ofist.


Perfect for use in homes that love order, Nancy is designed to be used in the entrance or hall part of the house.

It contains a pouf, a small shelf for keys etc.,

2 pieces of coat hangers, a 180-degree rotatable tall mirror and an umbrella stand. Besides its original color is anthracite, it can also be produced in the desired color. If desired, hidden LED lighting can be added in the full-length mirror.



Noa is a feminine design furniture with hidden lighting rotatable tall mirror, hanger, pouf and laundry basket.

Thanks to the wood / metal handle on the right side, it can be turned in any direction you want, and it provides comfort to its user with a full length mirror with a jacket and also a trouser hanger on the back.

In addition to these functions, it can be used as a laundry basket inside and as a puff outside. It provides an ergonomic use thanks to the backrest on the upper part of the pouf.



Bianco which consists of 3 parts as a white Carrera table, brass fitting and raw walnut carrier leg, offers its users a stylish and elegant sense of design.

It is designed as 80 cm in diameter, but it can be produced in desired dimensions and height.

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