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Kiko Milano Stores

Design development, Execution Planning

phase of this project was done by Melis


This project was executed by 3RDF.

Forum Istanbul Mall, Watergarden Mall, Buyaka Mall, Zafer Plaza Mall Bursa, Kentpark Mall Ankara, Izmir Optimum Mall, Eskişehir Espark Mall, Istanbul Hilltown Mall stores.

As a connection between general contractor, Kiko Milano Percassi and Doğuş Company(franchise) my job description were managing tender process, coordinating each store project with Kiko Milano Percassi and daily reporting to the Middle East manager, placing order furniture and lighting suppliers such as Iguzzini from Italy, following-up all orders until reach to the site, making site controls. Shortly, managing store projects until beggining to the opening day.  

Ekran Alıntısı.JPG
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