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Porto Novi, Montenegro

Design phase of this project was done by Melis Mısırlıoğlu

and Deniz Ağan.

Based on seaside location, natural wood materials, natural stone wall coverings, decorative additions used in blue / green tones were preferred.

In summary, with soft colors, oak wooden claddings and white coatings were used to create a soft effect in interior spaces. General lighting was provided with rattan pendant lighting and regional lighting.

It is aimed to add depth to the space by writing a menu with brass letters on the colored surface behind the counter.


Counter View

The gallery space between the mezzanine and the ground floor has been transformed into a visual pool of rattan pendant lights and plants.

In this way, both a visual pool was created and the relationship between the two floors was strengthened. In the ladder carriers, both a material belonging to the port was used and a natural product was preferred. 

Seating Area


WC Doors / Stairs View


WC View

While wooden material is used in the WC doors, its appearance is softened by using the radius on the upper part.

In a narrow space like the WC, colored glass mosaics were used to draw attention to one direction in the space.

A dim light was preferred in the environment with regional lighting.

The library is located on the mezzanine floor, which can be preferred especially by families with children and those who want to read a book.
The same area is divided into two separate spaces by using rattan separation between the office section next to the library.


Mezzanine View

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