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Bodrum House

Design phase of this project was done by Melis Mısırlıoğlu and Deniz Ağan.

Family with 3 children is using the house as a summer house.

Bodrum's iconic elements such as white, blue and natural tones

are used in almost every part of

the house. Due to the low ceiling height, it is aimed to show the ceiling heigher and to create a translucent separation between the living room and the entrance area to take daylight.

Livingroom View

Entrance View

The seating area is increased by using the lounge sofa and pouf. Brass details are used on pendant lighting, handles and pedestal lighting elements.

In the kitchen, cabinet doors were preferred, in which the bright blue color was used predominantly and compatible with the rest of the house. Ceramic floor cladding is designed in harmony with the cabinet doors.

Back side of Livingroom View

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