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Datça House

Design phase of this project was done by

Melis Mısırlıoğlu.

This project was executed by Ofist.

The house has a courtyard, 2 guestrooms, 1 master bedroom, 2 bathrooms, kitchen-living room and a front-yard. The house has typical Turkish architectural elements such as old jambs, wooden sun shutters, courtyard side etc. dating back to 1970's.

Main aim was to protect the typical architectural elements and to connect nature with history. Without any vertical closure, circulation can easily be provided in and out of the house.


Entrance View


Courtyard View

Grey microtopping installation is chosen as the main material. Kitchen and stocking area, courtyard entrance and stair floor are designed with microtopping installation to reflect traditional Aegean and Mediterranean patterns in the house.


Colorful textures are used on ceramic tiles, decorative objects such as pillows, curtain pompoms and all seating elements.

Kitchen View

Living Room View

Guest Room View

In order to see a clean finish, smaller spaces of the house are applied with microtopping. Colorful elements are used on decorative objects such as rugs and lighting fixtures. 

The rough surface of the microtopping application is softened with natural warm oak and turquoise ceramic tiles.

Bathroom View

Master Bedroom View

In the master bedroom, rattan/oak closet doors, bamboo pendant lightings and linen curtains are combinated to make house owners feel the summer lightness.

Grey microtopping application is used to create a seating area elevated from the floor. Which can be used for storage and to accommodate guests.

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